Tuesday, October 2, 2007


OK, I am so excited that I'm just going to post verbatim from Neil Best's 'Watchdog' blog:

Imus Fans: Your Wait Is Almost Over!

Citadel Broadcasting is close to finalizing a contract with Don Imus that would bring the controversial radio host back to the airwaves, a person familiar with the discussions said Tuesday.

It was not immediately clear on what station or stations Imus would be heard, but Citadel owns WABC in New York, making its morning slot a logical destination.

Currently that spot is occupied by Ron Kuby and Curtis Sliwa.

Citadel and its CEO, Farid Suleman, have been rumored to be interested in Imus for months, and WABC long has been considered a logical platform for him to launch a comeback.

He would bring along his long-time newsman, Charles McCord, who last appeared on WFAN Aug. 31. Less clear is what role, if any, a more controversial member of Imus' old crew, Bernard McGuirk, would play. One possibility is a non-speaking role as a producer/writer.

Imus was fired by CBS Radio and removed from WFAN April 12, eight days after making comments directed at the Rutgers women's basketball team that many regarded as sexist and/or racist. His show also had been simulcast on MSNBC.

And if that isn't awesome enough...

There is a "highly placed rumor" on a different site that Bernie is LIKELY (as in probably, but not 100% verified) coming back! (Thanks to Al for the tip.) And you know something? I'm completely fine with McGuirk initially assuming a "non-speaking role." I'm overjoyed with the idea of him getting his job back and the team being together again.

We're almost there! We're almost there!


Bruce said...

Thank Goodness the World will soon be whole again.

Now where is the source on Bernie's return? Would love to read that.

Good Job .... We all love you.

CollegeGirl said...

Thank you so much, Bruce. :-)

Really, the source is just a post on a radio industry messageboard. Click on the blue text where it says "highly placed rumor."

I'm not going to completely celebrate until I hear 100% confirmation that he's coming back. Again, it's just a rumor. But I will admit that things are looking up.

Bruce said...

I know College Girl. But this News is the best News we have received since IMUS settled with CBS, and Kia dropped her suit. Neil Best is pretty connected so though it is not set in stone. I am pretty sure something is stirring.

We all follow you. And appreciate your time and effort.

imusfan said...


I second Bruce's comments - I'm usually a lurker but I check here often to look for news and to enjoy the wonderful articles and audio/video clips that you dig up!

You do a great job and your own writing is very entertaining - well done, thanks!


laree said...

College Girl,

Thank you, I too enjoy your Blog don't stop, it is so very well done and entertaining. I emailed FakeImus hopefully this will wake him up GRIN. Time to go back to work.

Is it possible I am going to get my mornings back? Somebody showed the Sour People the door, one can only hope.

CollegeGirl said...

Thank you all for your very nice comments. :-) I really appreciate them, and I'm glad you like my writing. I like criticism - both good and bad - so feel free to say whatever you think.

Things are finally looking up...

Al said...

Imus is close to a deal with CITADEL...

and, Citadel owns about a bazillion radio stations....

Wonder if WABC will actually be the station where Imus broadcasts from...

Hell, he could come out to Albuquerque and broadcast from one of the 5 or 6 Citadel stations here...

C'mon down to NM, I'Man!