Monday, October 15, 2007


He's coming back.

Did you hear me?

He's coming back.


imusfan said...

I'm a very happy camper today! Let's hope he's loaded for bear.

Al said...


...and with a 40 second delay.


Guess it will take that long for Management, Lawyers, etc. to figure out if what Imus is saying should actually be censored...

laree said...

40 seconds, What's the Frequency Kenneth BIG GRIN. I am happy and it looks like we will be able catch Barbara Walters interviewing him...good for you Babs.

CollegeGirl said...

You know what's awesome about the 40 seconds?

The person said that Imus would be on a "standard" 40-second delay. In other words, EVERYONE at the station has the 40-second delay, not just him.

So I guess they're not taking too many precautions AFTER all...:-)

Save Imus said...

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Al said...

Thanks for clearing up the 40 second delay situation, CollegeGirl.

I wonder who the 'top source' is...the one responsible for 'leaking' all the info to Drudge...

Bernard? Charles?


Al said...

The way Imus...thru Drudge...drops hints every few weeks of what is to come, is CLASSIC stuff.

I-Man is getting everyone worked up, fans and non-fans alike.

He's already attacking Hilliary and it's a month and a half before he's on the air!

Classic, I tell ya, Classic!

laree said...


Neil Best always scoops Drudge, on Imus.

Somebody should cue the Fat Lady, it looks like she is going to be going on soon BIG GRIN.

Al said...

...and this blog scoops Neil Best.


CollegeGirl said...

Imus has really been a master at slowly leaking out bits of information here and there...he really has.

And, sadly, I JUST posted an article about something I read on Neil Best. :-)