Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Cards Never Lie!

Don Imus has a Miss Cleo.

Remember Miss Cleo? The fortuneteller in those infomercials in the late 90s? The one with the copious jewelry, Caribbean clothing, and comically exaggerated Jamaican accent?

Well, according to an article from the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Miss Cleo has "left the tarot cards and psychic-speak behind in favor of straight-to-the-gut protest poetry." She's just released a spoken-word CD, Convicted.

The author writes, "The subject matter is modern, encompassing the Don Imus scandal and the NYPD shooting of Sean Bell, but the cadences and palpable fearlessness are more reminiscent of the Last Poets than of today's slam-to-entertain, HBO-type poetry. There's no music, just 44 minutes of Miss Cleo a cappella."

Now, Imus fans. I know we were all depending heavily on Miss Cleo's media support, and I know that this is a devastating blow to our cause. But we must soldier on. Somehow, we must find the strength within ourselves to deal with this horrific loss. And we will. Sometimes, life deals us a bad Tarot hand.

Incidentally, Miss Cleo reveals in the article that she is a "Haitian high priestess" and practices voodoo. Hopefully she doesn't have a little doll with a cowboy hat.


imusfan said...

LOL collegegirl, let's hope this is our most formidable opponent

Al said...

Is Miss Cleo really Rob Bartlett in disguise?

CollegeGirl said...

Hahaha. Not gonna lie, I would pay money to watch Miss Cleo be a guest on Imus in the Morning. That would beat Jonathan Alter any day.

That might actually be a good character for Rob...