Friday, October 5, 2007

Broadcast Screaming on a Television Near You

More rumors, this time from the New York Times:

1) The Imus return date, rumor number #23,336, is predicted to be around December 1. Why then, I don't know. But the REALLY exciting part, especially for you non-New Yorkers, is that

2) there will ALSO be a television simulcast! "Among those networks considered possibilities...are Fox News, YES (the Yankees’ cable channel) and SportsNet New York (which broadcasts the Mets.)" Excellent!

If you live outside the New York area, I believe that you can still get YES or SportsNet New York via a satellite cable service, like DirecTV.

Obviously Fox News would be the best option, as they have the widest audience. But I think it would be hilarious/ironic if they were on YES, because YES is the television home of none other than two of Imus' supporters and ex-coworkers: Mike and the Mad Dog.


laree said...

College Girl,

I think the Jayson Blair's times, had to print something so they wouldn't look like they are totally out of the loop...or loopy whichever. I wouldn't be using them for a time piece, that is for sure, they are not the rollex standard, for printed news anymore.

Watchdog also has another update- photo of Bernie this time.

CollegeGirl said...

I saw that, Laree.

I will admit, I think it's pretty awesome and hilarious that Neil Best has beaten out the NYTimes, Bob Raissman, Phil Mushnick, David Hinckley, all the guys who normally cover radio. Neil is just a sports media reporter - it isn't his job to cover Imus. Yet he's doing it anyway and completely beating the people whose JOB it is to keep us up to date. :-)

CollegeGirl said...

One more thing, Laree. I wonder if Miss Cleo could tell us what Imus will be doing?

How amazing is that? Perhaps we should call her hotline...:-)