Sunday, October 28, 2007

Are Guests Necessary?

Not to blatantly steal the thread title from Maureen Dowd. But it’s a good question - will Imus be able to book guests? Pundits say that this would make or break the legitimacy of his comeback.

(A confession: I always liked the show better when it was banter between the cast. In fact, in a worst-case scenario of no guests showing up, I think the show would be awesome if Imus and company simply flipped through the newspaper for four hours and mocked the headlines.)

But it’s true that high-profile guests provide credibility to the show. And the “intellectual” guests are, presumably, the draw for the the highly-educated, wealthy clientele that Imus attracts.

So who would be on the show? Let’s say, for the sake of example, that no young, up-and-coming journalist or politician would want to be a guest. Let’s also say that every human on Earth who hasn’t supported him would never go on.

Here is a list, presumably, of people who have either supported the show through the controversy, or who have said that they would return. If I’m leaving anyone off, please say so in the comments.


Politicians (and other Washington people)
-John McCain
-John Kerry
-Joe Lieberman
-Rudy Giuliani
-Bill Richardson
-Mike Huckabee
-Hamilton Jordan
-James Carville
-Paul Begala
-Mary Matalin
-Bob Kerrey

Writers/Journalists/Media Personalities
-Craig Crawford
-Tom Oliphant
-Pat Buchanan
-Mike Barnicle
-Jay Severin
-Jeff Greenfield
-Mike Lupica
-Bob Schieffer
-Lou Dobbs
-Sean Hannity (I don’t think that Hannity’s been on the show before, at least not in recent memory. But not only was he an Imus supporter, he and the I-Man now share a flagship station)
-Tom Friedman
-Tim Russert (Yes, I know. I know he’s the Judas of the 21st century, I know Big Russ should be ashamed of him, and my opinion of Imus would plummet if Russert came on. Plus, Charles walking out of the room when he appeared was amazing. That might have been the only poignant bitchslap I've ever seen. At any rate, Russert did say he would go on the show if Imus returned. So I’m counting him, but only for technical purposes.)

Sports People:
-Charles Barkley (said back in May that Imus deserved a suspension, not a firing; criticized Sharpton and Jackson)
-Terry Bradshaw (of Dime Store Jesus fame)
-Sid Rosenberg (though they’d practically have to go on a ten-minute tape-delay)

-Bo Dietl (I know Bo’s main occupation is not entertainment, it’s beating the crap out of thugs. But let’s be honest with ourselves, Bo is pretty entertaining)
-Levon Helm
-Bill Maher
-Kinky Friedman
-George Carlin
-Larry the Cable Guy
-Steve Schirripa
-Dick Cavett
-Pretty much anyone in Nashville who likes selling albums

Now, this roster could be wrong. Some of these people, particularly the entertainers, come on infrequently. Some of these people may never come back.

But this is a very impressive list.


imusfan said...

College Girl,
That's a great list - how about Doris Kearns? I don't remember her trashing him but I may have missed it. Mary Higgins Clark? I bet some authors would be on. Damn, I would never have read Lonesome Dove (one of my greatest reading pleasures) without Imus' recommendation.

Anyway, I agree that they don't need guests to be a great show. They were great for many, many years before politicians started coming on.

D.L. Hughley with a 5-minute delay?

Al said...

I think you can add both Rudy and Joe Lieberman to the list of who came out and said they would still appear.

Al said...

I think I read where Jeff Greenfield would go on the show...

Phil Simms would probably come on, wouldn't he?

laree said...

College Girl,

I think it would be an opportunity to get a whole new group of guest. I have a list. One you could add up top is Dwight Yoakam, he remarked last year, how well Imus and the team had treated him, he likened himself to their house band.

Kind of like a dare to all those folks, who like to get face/air time on the MSM...whose afraid of the big bad wolf GRIN.

Anonymous said...

Mike Lupica in the 'friend' and 'writer' column.

channelXRFR said...

Iman returns 12_03! Audience returns, Guests return, and Advertisers return, in that order. Write that down Mo u Shmo!


CollegeGirl said...

Everyone, thank you for the recommendations!

I looked around, and here's what I found:

Doris Kearns Goodwin - can't find anything

MH Clark - can't find anything

DH Hughley - that would be awesome! :-) I'm sure he would, but I didn't put him on because I don't know if they would invite him

Rudy Giuliani - said he would continue appearing back in April; but gave a "no comment" a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure whether to put him on or not. I'll add him.

Joe Lieberman - Good call, I forgot about him. He's on.

Jeff Greenfield - forgot about him too, he's also on. Like I've said before, I perpetually confuse him with Howard Fineman. :-)

Phil Simms - can't find anything

Dwight Yoakam - he hasn't said anything, but I'm 100% sure he'll come back. I lumped him in with the zillions of Nashville people that have benefited from the show's promotion.

Mike Lupica - I'm really hesitant to add him. I was listening to Mike and the Mad Dog shortly after the controversy, and Mike Francesa railed on about how Lupica had never spoken up during
the controversy, and had written an obit-style "tribute" to Imus only after everything went down. That said...I've been checking up on his column, and throughout the summer he kept reporting the winners of the Ranch Rodeo. So you're right, I guess he would go on. I'm adding him.

Also...even if I didn't add them, I'm pretty sure that a lot of the "silent" people you guys mentioned would certainly go on. They need the promotion, and besides, would anyone actually boycott Phil Simms or Doris Kearns Goodwin because they went on Imus?

Al said...

Charlie Gibson, George Stephanopoulus, and anyone else who might be entertaining from ABC News?...

and if there's anyone with a sense of humor from the FOX News department, Imus might want some of them on to replace the NBC people.

laree said...


I think that should be the criteria a sense of humor and interesting.

I remember Col Jack Jacobs, he broke things down about the Iraq battle field so all could understand. I would hope the military folks, would show up too.

CollegeGirl said...

I think that ABC News banned their employees from appearing on the show the day before Imus was fired. However, that's not to say that they wouldn't go on when Imus comes back.

And Imus often spoke highly of several Fox there could be some potential new guests here. That would be really interesting.

It would be great if Jack Jacobs came on. I liked him, and he seems to be one of the few people at MSNBC who have a soul.

Oh, and responding to an earlier poster: To quote the Rutgers player who tried to sue Imus, "Unless 'schmo' stands for dignity and achievement, then I am not a schmo." Or something like that.

laree said...

College Girl,

Then there is Morning Joe, as in Mo shmo, Joe Shmo, lame by any other name GRIN.

Fake Rush showed up on Fake Imus, I always wonder who Fake Rush is because the Fake Rush is soo witty.

Anonymous said...

College Girl,

While not endorsing any of the following, they came to mind as guests:

Billy Joe Shaver (need an update on the 'parking lot incident'
Aaron Neville
Harry Connick Jr., (I don't think he's afraid of anybody)
Blind Boys of Alabama
Tony Bennett

Dan Rather
Campbell Brown (didn't she leave NBC?)
Chris (I can't stand him) Matthews who appears to hate Hillary, loves to talk, and I don't remember that he piled on as others did

Valerie Plame (new book, Libby case)
Ann Rivers Siddons (new book, critical of Hillary)
David Brinkley
Michael Beschloss

Nascar-ers Waltrip, Earnhardt Jr., etc.

Barbara Walters (tit for tat, no pun intended)
Martha Stewart (always ready to sell something)
Arianna Huffington

President Jimmy Carter (via Hamilton Jordon)

I think lots of people will be lining up to be on the show -- a reverse chic sort of thing -- unless they are told by their 'employer' they can't. They should consider themselves fortunate to asked.

Later, Phyllis

CollegeGirl said...

Phyllis, those are some great ideas. I'm sure that at least some of those will be on.

Laree, maybe it was supposed to be a compliment or maybe it was supposed to be an insult towards me - not sure, LOL. I guess we'll never know.