Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick Or Treat

Happy Halloween!

For a treat, I offer a partial aircheck of the Imus in the Morning program, dated August 25, 1977. (Big thanks to In truth, the aircheck should be called "Imus in the Morning, plus three hours of hideous commercials." Seriously. Among other things, the commercials tell us about German beer, Pan Am flights to Scandinavia (?), something about how Communist spies know all about Babe Ruth, and some tragicially bad French accents. Plus, there's like a 20-minute long commercial with people singing "Cheese, glorious cheese," and listening to it makes you want to hurt someone.

But hey - it's vintage Imus. Enjoy.

In keeping with today's festivities, I enclose a photo of a pumpkin carved in the likeness of Terry Bradshaw. Can I explain why someone carved a Terry Bradshaw jack o'lantern? No, I cannot.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Don't Hate The Player...Hate The Name

Let us hope that the future sports reporter on Imus in the Morning never has to give updates on this basketball player, who plays pro basketball in France.

Because that would be sooooooo awkward...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Are Guests Necessary?

Not to blatantly steal the thread title from Maureen Dowd. But it’s a good question - will Imus be able to book guests? Pundits say that this would make or break the legitimacy of his comeback.

(A confession: I always liked the show better when it was banter between the cast. In fact, in a worst-case scenario of no guests showing up, I think the show would be awesome if Imus and company simply flipped through the newspaper for four hours and mocked the headlines.)

But it’s true that high-profile guests provide credibility to the show. And the “intellectual” guests are, presumably, the draw for the the highly-educated, wealthy clientele that Imus attracts.

So who would be on the show? Let’s say, for the sake of example, that no young, up-and-coming journalist or politician would want to be a guest. Let’s also say that every human on Earth who hasn’t supported him would never go on.

Here is a list, presumably, of people who have either supported the show through the controversy, or who have said that they would return. If I’m leaving anyone off, please say so in the comments.


Politicians (and other Washington people)
-John McCain
-John Kerry
-Joe Lieberman
-Rudy Giuliani
-Bill Richardson
-Mike Huckabee
-Hamilton Jordan
-James Carville
-Paul Begala
-Mary Matalin
-Bob Kerrey

Writers/Journalists/Media Personalities
-Craig Crawford
-Tom Oliphant
-Pat Buchanan
-Mike Barnicle
-Jay Severin
-Jeff Greenfield
-Mike Lupica
-Bob Schieffer
-Lou Dobbs
-Sean Hannity (I don’t think that Hannity’s been on the show before, at least not in recent memory. But not only was he an Imus supporter, he and the I-Man now share a flagship station)
-Tom Friedman
-Tim Russert (Yes, I know. I know he’s the Judas of the 21st century, I know Big Russ should be ashamed of him, and my opinion of Imus would plummet if Russert came on. Plus, Charles walking out of the room when he appeared was amazing. That might have been the only poignant bitchslap I've ever seen. At any rate, Russert did say he would go on the show if Imus returned. So I’m counting him, but only for technical purposes.)

Sports People:
-Charles Barkley (said back in May that Imus deserved a suspension, not a firing; criticized Sharpton and Jackson)
-Terry Bradshaw (of Dime Store Jesus fame)
-Sid Rosenberg (though they’d practically have to go on a ten-minute tape-delay)

-Bo Dietl (I know Bo’s main occupation is not entertainment, it’s beating the crap out of thugs. But let’s be honest with ourselves, Bo is pretty entertaining)
-Levon Helm
-Bill Maher
-Kinky Friedman
-George Carlin
-Larry the Cable Guy
-Steve Schirripa
-Dick Cavett
-Pretty much anyone in Nashville who likes selling albums

Now, this roster could be wrong. Some of these people, particularly the entertainers, come on infrequently. Some of these people may never come back.

But this is a very impressive list.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cardinal Egan Tells Media To "Grow Up"

No, I didn't create that headline. I owe that to a story that the Gothamist ran a few weeks ago.

See, it turns out that there is a real Cardinal Egan. Well, let me rephrase that. There are two Cardinal Egans.

The first Cardinal Egan often wore nice striped shirts, sunglasses, and a FedEx envelope that constantly needed readjusting. He delivered laughs with every one of his sermons, which strangely often focused upon the sins of a man named Don Imus. Then suddenly, last Good Friday morn, he announced that he had to run to St. Patrick's Cathedral to deliver a special Lenten Mass. And he hasn't been seen since.

The second Cardinal Egan may be less familiar to you, if you're not Catholic or a New Yorker. Like the first Cardinal Egan, he is also the head of the Archdiocese of New York. The headline in question comes from a story where the media was harrassing him about people protesting a church closing in East Harlem. And, well, what can I say? He told them to grow up.

His Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan has been in charge of the Archdiocese ever since Archbishop O'Connor died in 2000. He's had a controversial reign, due in part to closing several churches because of budget constraints. While this sounds like a reasonable plan, it has not been without controversy. Case in point - last February, the Cardinal invited the priest of a failing church to his office...and then, when the priest had left, actually changed the locks on him while he was gone.

Also, back in July -get this - the real Cardinal Egan publicly supported the Sirius-XM merger. I absolutely swear I 'm not joking.

Now, I'm going to be honest. If you're in charge of the entire Archdiocese of New York- one of the biggest Catholic hubs in the nation - then you have to be a stern, authoritarian person. Also, the media is known to demonize a personality - a lesson that we've all learned too well in the past few months. And who am I, this kid, to criticize a guy who's devoted his life to God?

All I'm saying is this. When Bernie did the Cardinal Egan character, he wasn't satirizing the Cardinal Egan; he was, I assume, impersonating a generic foulmouthed Irish priest. The real Edward Cardinal Egan may be more G-Rated than his counterpart, but they certainly share certain characteristics.

Some time ago New York magazine ran a hit piece on the real Cardinal Egan. Check out these completely out-of-context quotes, and try to compare the two cardinals:

According to several accounts from those who were present, Egan went on to claim that his enemies were priests accused of sexual abuse who thought that Egan hadn’t adequately defended them. “When I hear stories about what those priests do, I have to do No. 2,” he spat in disgust.

(WHAT?!?! The Archbishop of New York made a reference to TAKING A DUMP? Are we SURE Bernard didn't write this?)

Then Egan widened his target to the entire priest corps: Of the 2,000 priests and bishops in the archdiocese, he lamented, not one stood up to defend him. “I was loyal to Cardinal Cody to the end,” he insisted in the stentorian affect he uses to complement his imposing height and girth. “Let me tell you, that is manliness! That is priestliness! That is Edward M. Egan!”


And...I really have nothing to add to that.

(Except for this: if you wish to watch a treasure trove of Cardinal clips, look no further. Also, I highly recommend the blog of the Fake Cardinal Egan, written by a brilliant guy who truly knows how to channel Bernard McGuirk.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A New York DJ In Connecticut's Court

Politicians in Connecticut are insane. No, really.

I don't know how the Nutmeg State survived the events described in this New York Times article, dated June 18, 1992. I'll let the opening paragraph speak for itself.

"On cue: three, two, one . . . Welcome once again everybody to "Weicker in the Morning," where wacky, caustic morning deejay Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. interviews New York radio jock Don Imus, who is pretending to be Governor of Connecticut for a day..."

My favorite line: "Mr. Imus...chafed that he didn't have "real power" because he couldn't execute any death-row inmates, or even taunt them on the telephone about the fall television lineup that they won't be able to see."

If you want to read more about "Imus, Rex, Gubernator per diem," click here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Silent But Deadly

The press is getting anxious about this Imus comeback, to the point where they will report on almost anything. Case in point: today's New York Post has an article all about how Imus was at a charity auction at Christie's, yet never said a word or made a ruckus. Their headline? "Imus' Silent Night." Ho ho ho!

Anyway, according to the article, the event was hosted by himself and wife Deirdre. The Post, being their usual classy selves, creatively describes him as "a wrinkly, foulmouthed radio-show host." New York Post, why must you hate the poor sick children?

What I do find disturbing is that he bought "two front-row seats to a Hannah Montana concert." Let's hope that Levon Helm hasn't bailed on him.
UPDATE: This headline from the New York Observer says it all: "At Benefit, Imus and Son Flip Reporters The Bird." Haha, wow...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lessons in Public Safety

Recently, the fire chief of Dallas gave a banquet speech at a local NAACP meeting. Chief Burns (no pun intended) is the first African-American fire chief of the city.

During his talk, he mentioned all of the struggles that the black community has faced over time:

“We’ve overcome so much,” Burns said, specifically naming bombings,
riots, assassinations, Don Imus and Katrina.

Now, as a naive college student, I feel a little presumptuous about lecturing about public safety to a fire chief, particularly the fire chief of the 9th-largest city in the nation. But here goes.

Pop Quiz:

1. Which of the following is the least destructive to a community, both physically and socially?

A. Bombings
B. Riots
C. Assassinations
D. Don Imus
E. Katrina

At first I was going to say, "Well, obviously D." But then I thought, wait. I had initially assumed that the fire chief was referring to Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed a city and claimed many lives. But he didn't specify. He could be talking about any woman named Katrina. He could be talking about the 80s band Katrina and the Waves.

So, OK, Chief, I agree that Don Imus is probably more dangerous than most women named Katrina. Definitely more dangerous than the people who wrote "Walking on Sunshine." I'll spot you on that one.

But riots? Bombings? Assassinations? This part I don't understand. Because come on, riots, bombings, and assassinations are much more lethal than a crazy old guy on MSNBC, right? I mean, Don Imus has done some harmful things in his life. But his weapons are usually words. And words rarely inflict the physical damage that riots and bombings and assassinations wreak, the kind of damage that leaves people and communities "scarred for life."

Wait...never mind...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ex-Senator Urges Dems To Go On Imus

Bob Kerrey, former Nebraska senator and head of the New School in New York, wrote an excellent op-ed piece for the Daily News that urges Democrats to go on the Imus show. Please take a few minutes to read it - it is wonderfully written and deftly summarizes many key points. Bravo to Kerrey.

The only disconcerting thing is that, in a complete meta moment, the Daily News actually did a separate article about Kerrey's position regarding the Imus show. So it's an article in the Daily News...that's about another article in the Daily News. Huh?

At any rate, it's good to see articles like these.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Let's Hope He Does the "Seven Dirty Words" Routine

One date (George Carlin)'s looking forward to is a radio appearance with another New York icon, Don Imus, when Imus returns to the airwaves in December.

"'It was inappropriate,'" Carlin says of the remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team that cost Imus his radio and TV gigs. "But it was a disproportionate reaction for a moment in a 30-year career. It's what this country does - reacts with imperfect solutions.

"I'd told him I want to be one of the first guests."

Friday, October 19, 2007

Not Ready For Prime Time Players

No, it's true. Apparently Brian Williams is hosting Saturday Night Live on November 3rd.

So what does this mean for NBC News?

Full disclosure: Brian Williams was one of my favorite Imus guests. From the moment he took over Brokaw's seat to around April 10, 2007, I thought Williams was one of the standard-bearers of television journalism. (Of course, I thought the same about Tim Russert, which goes to show you.) Williams is, truth be told, absolutely hysterical. He even cameoed briefly on last year's SNL premiere, and outdid the actual cast. I actually believe that if SNL ditched the skits and had Brian Williams perform an hour and a half of stand-up, it would probably be the funniest show they've had in years.

That said, I don't think this is the right time.

When I read the news I asked myself, "Is this really any different than him joking around with Imus or Jon Stewart?"

Yes. It's different.

For starters, when Brian went on Imus or goes on Leno or Stewart, he is playing Brian Williams. A funnier, snarkier Williams, sure, but it's the same guy.

But when Williams goes on SNL, he will likely play different characters. Saturday Night Live consists of different sketches - he could theoretically be anybody. He could be a construction worker. He could be a caveman. He could be a male gigolo. Anything. Can you picture Williams being a Roxbury Guy, or hanging out with Wayne and Garth, or cheering with the Spartan Cheerleaders?

High-profile people have hosted before this. Rudy Giuliani did the show when he was mayor. Al Gore and John McCain have also hosted. But to my knowledge, the only journalist who has ever been on was Jimmy Breslin, back in 1986.

Plus, consider the fact that SNL is not very family-friendly. What if Williams swears? What if he tells a dick joke? That won't go over well with the nice old ladies who make up his audience. Also, you know that if Williams even slightly makes fun of conservatives or liberals, he's going to be hounded as being biased.

While Williams has an excellent shot at making a memorable episode, this is not the time to try it. Think about the hits to NBC News's image in 2007. There was Imus, of course. Then there was the Virginia Tech incident, when NBC decided that putting their logo on the ramblings of a mass murderer was safer than putting it on the I-Man's picture. Then there was the attempt to buy a Paris Hilton interview for $1 million. The list goes on.

After all that, someone decided that it was OK for the face of NBC News, the Heir to Brokaw, to be silly on live television.

So much for "the standards of our reporters," the excuse they used to fire Imus.

I haven't watched Williams since April, but the SNL geek in me compels me to see this. So I'll keep you posted. Who knows, maybe Williams will have his own NHH moment...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Newsweek is Not Fine, Man

I found a video of Newsweek writer Howard Fineman at some sort of Q&A dinner deal. He talks about Imus. If you have eaten anything in the past 24 hours, do not watch this video. If you suffer from bulimia, then maybe you can see it.

Fineman was of course horribly shocked and offended by the scandal, and he felt remorse for all the times he participated in such horrible evils. When the moderator mentioned that Fineman was one of the few guests who didn't "run for the hills," Fineman said smugly, "In the interest of full disclosure, I was already booked and committed." Howard, get off my Youtube.

He also says that if the show changes to his standards, then maybe he'll accept the invitation back. When the hell did Howard Fineman start calling the shots? He's talking like the popular jock at school who knows that every homely girl is madly in love with him, or the overly obnoxious student who knows everybody in the class wants to hear his opinion.

But then Fineman says something really scary:

1) He keeps in email contact with Imus.
2) He might be a new guest. Which, if he works with Newsweek, implies that the Imus ban over there could be lifted, and that those people could go on too.

If anyone remotely connected to the Imus show is reading this - I don’t care if you’re the janitor or the vegan food cook or whatever - then I have one message for you to pass on to the powers that be.


Please. For the love of all things sacred, do not bring these people on. It has nothing to do with loyalty, although that‘s certainly a factor. My real problem is that every single person at Newsweek sounds exactly the same. Now, this would be OK, if they all sounded like "a vaguely interesting person who didn't talk in monotone." But that was not the case.

I'm trying to differentiate them in my mind, and I'm probably forgetting someone, but here goes:

-There was the frowny bald dude who always reminded me of the Daily Show’s Rob Corddry;
-There was Evan Thomas, who I don’t remember anything off the top of my head, though I think he swam nude in the Atlantic Ocean or something;
-And there was Howard Fineman, who I perpetually confuse with Jeff Greenfield.

I couldn’t tell you what Jonathan Alter brought to the table as opposed to Evan Thomas. Everyone had the same opinions; everyone blended together. For me, “Newsweek guest” always equaled “homework time.”

There was only one exception. One of my favorite I-guests was Jon Meacham, partially because I admired him - because who becomes the editor of Newsweek in their mid-thirties? - and also because he talked about current events from a unique, engaging perspective. He also had a fascinating take on religion in America, which is a subject that’s always interested me.
But when the scandal broke, Meacham was one of the first people to backstab Imus - he banned all his reporters from the show on the Monday following the remarks. Imus used to go on about Meacham being a staunch Episcopalian, and sometimes he would ask Meacham to interpret Scripture. And I'm sorry, but being Christian and behaving in that manner is like being a vegan and editing Field and Stream.

So hopefully we've learned our lesson here with Newsweek. And if Fineman calls Imus to be on the show, Imus will hopefully do exactly what the guests at the Q&A do - turn his back, ignore Fineman, and eat.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Your 'Morning Joe' is Decaf

Yesterday, Inside Cable News published the above chart that compared Morning Joe's ratings to those of Imus in the Morning.
To quote an alleged insider, “Joe would certainly know what it’s like not to have a ‘whole lot of people’ watching, much less anyone tuning into his show – test patterns rate higher.”

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rockin' the Beacon

So apparently, the premiere show of the resurrected Imus in the Morning will not be in the WABC studios.

According to (wait for it...) Neil Best, Imus and the gang will be hosting their premiere show at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan. The Beacon has a very rich history and has hosted countless musical acts.

Several questions:

1) Are they going to have a live audience?
2) If so, are they out of their MINDS?
3)Could this possibly be one of the most memorable concert experiences ever?

If so, this blog will keep you posted on tickets information, logistics, and so forth.

Something tells me that, for all its history, this will be the busiest that the Beacon has ever been at 6 AM on a weekday...


He's coming back.

Did you hear me?

He's coming back.

He's All Right

Read this article, and try to tell me that this Imus show never touched people's lives.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

And the Band Played On

How has it been six months since Imus has been off the air? Anybody know? I don't, but this weekend (October 13) marks that date.

If I owe "Imus in the Morning" anything, it would be their introducing me to the music of the Band. Pre-Imus, if you had asked me about their work, the only song I would have named was "you know, that one song, the one that goes, 'Take a loan off Fannie, take a loan for free?' Or something." (For all I knew, it was a song about scamming a mortgage payment off of Fannie Mae.)

I don't remember what song it was that got me hooked. It could have been the aforementioned "The Weight," or it could have been "Long Black Veil" or "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down." I do know that I bought their music soon afterwards, and that they are now one of my favorite bands of all time.

So in honor of this not-so-auspicious occasion, here are the lyrics to "Ophelia," one of my favorite songs by the Band. (Incidentally, the person in the painting is Ophelia, Hamlet's potential sweetheart, from the Shakespeare play. I don't think the Band was writing about her, but hey, it's a beautiful painting.)

Boards on the window, mail by the door
Why would anybody leave so quickly for?
Ophelia, where have you gone?

The old neighborhood just ain't the same
Nobody knows just what became of Ophelia
Tell me, what went wrong?

Was it something that somebody said?
Mama, I know we broke the rules
Was somebody up against the law?
Honey, you know I'd die for you

Ashes of laughter
The ghost is clear
Why do the best things always disappear, like Ophelia?

Please, darken my door

Was it something that somebody said?
Honey, you know we broke the rules
Was somebody up against the law?
Honey, you know I'd die for you

They got your number, scared and running
But I'm still waiting for the second coming of Ophelia

Come back home

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Dangers of Head Trauma

Random questions for the day:

-At first, I was really disappointed in reading an anti-Imus article quoting some extremely ignorant professors. But then I realized, dude. The professors they quoted were from the American Studies and (Heaven forbid) the anthro/sociology departments, where, traditionally, the political views range from "Chavez" to "Stalin." Seriously, Newsday, why can't you interview professors from the economics or engineering departments?

-If I disagree with the National Organization for Women, does that make me...a man?

-Am I the only one who sees the hilarious irony in free speech being journalists?

- What in the world is going on in Wednesday's show summary of Curtis and Kuby? One explanation is that the show summaries are sponsored by Nissan, so perhaps this is just poorly translated from Japanese:

The big story on the show today was the fact that Fred Thomson participated in his first debate yesterday. Fred Thomas started off slow but by the end of the debate he made his presence felt. Both Ron and Curtis agreed that even though Fred Thomas’s performance was not spectacular, he performed well enough and did not make any mistakes.

Apparently Fred Thompson was so boring in the GOP debates that people can't even remember his name.

And I REALLY don't know what to make of the next excerpt:

There is an ordinance in Westchester county that is purposing that adults will have to wear helmets when they ride bicycles just like their children have to. Ron was very surprised that Curtis was in favor of the ordinance. Curtis, who has experienced lots of head trauma, believes that helmets are important & would certainly help prevent injuries.

Good to know...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We All Shine On

In December of 1980, the world was stunned when John Lennon was killed in New York. Lennon - the ex-Beatle, symbol of the 1960s generation, and peace icon - was murdered in cold blood outside of his apartment.

On October 9, 1981 - what would have been Lennon’s 41st birthday - Imus in the Morning delivered a powerful tribute in his memory. I won't try to describe it; all I will say is that it will make you cry.

I realize that this is very sober material, but this clip demonstrates how good the show was when they pushed humor aside and dealt with serious issues.

(Thanks to

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fun Times Ahead

Let's look forward to this coming week, when we're going to hear some incredibly exciting news. In the meantime, here's hoping that we'll get a 21st-century version of this photo very, very soon.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Breaking: The New York Times Needs To Use Newsday For Its Sources

Hot off the Drudge Report:

Don Imus has not secured any TV deal for his pending high-profile media return, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Roger Ailes recently had a friendly lunch with FOXNEWS contributor Bo Dietl and Don Imus. The lunch was arranged by Dietl as a way for Imus to get Ailes’ input and advice on simulcasting his new radio show, a top source explains. No decisions were made and no offer has been extended to Imus – there is no deal. Imus is nowhere on FOX BUSINESS NETWORK's schedule which is launching on October 15th. As erroneously reported by the NY TIMES today, the informal talks never touched on FOXNEWS. Developing...


Man. The only thing that's great about this article is the mental image of Bo Dietl and Imus trying to passive-aggressively barter with Ailes. ("You know, Roger, you should really change that morning show of only I could think of someone to replace Fox and Friends...someone talented and sure to garner ratings at the onset...surely there HAS to be someone... ")

But the rest of the article? In the words of Joe Benigno, this news update ruined my Christmas.

Thanks for getting my hopes up, New York Times. Remember, these were also the same people who also spoiled the Harry Potter ending.

Broadcast Screaming on a Television Near You

More rumors, this time from the New York Times:

1) The Imus return date, rumor number #23,336, is predicted to be around December 1. Why then, I don't know. But the REALLY exciting part, especially for you non-New Yorkers, is that

2) there will ALSO be a television simulcast! "Among those networks considered possibilities...are Fox News, YES (the Yankees’ cable channel) and SportsNet New York (which broadcasts the Mets.)" Excellent!

If you live outside the New York area, I believe that you can still get YES or SportsNet New York via a satellite cable service, like DirecTV.

Obviously Fox News would be the best option, as they have the widest audience. But I think it would be hilarious/ironic if they were on YES, because YES is the television home of none other than two of Imus' supporters and ex-coworkers: Mike and the Mad Dog.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


From Neil Best (yet again):

"It appears the plan is to get the entire old crew back together, including engineer Lou Rufino."

Wow. I honestly didn't think Lou would be coming back, just because he had stayed at the 'FAN after McCord and Bartlett had left. Wow. Thanks for making my day yet again, Neil Best. (And thanks for almost making me scream out loud with joy, until I remembered that I was at work.)

Oh, and that waiting-until-January rumor? "Now I'm hearing that Don Imus might get back on the air before the end of the year. Either way, his deal with Citadel should be coming along any day now."


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Cards Never Lie!

Don Imus has a Miss Cleo.

Remember Miss Cleo? The fortuneteller in those infomercials in the late 90s? The one with the copious jewelry, Caribbean clothing, and comically exaggerated Jamaican accent?

Well, according to an article from the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Miss Cleo has "left the tarot cards and psychic-speak behind in favor of straight-to-the-gut protest poetry." She's just released a spoken-word CD, Convicted.

The author writes, "The subject matter is modern, encompassing the Don Imus scandal and the NYPD shooting of Sean Bell, but the cadences and palpable fearlessness are more reminiscent of the Last Poets than of today's slam-to-entertain, HBO-type poetry. There's no music, just 44 minutes of Miss Cleo a cappella."

Now, Imus fans. I know we were all depending heavily on Miss Cleo's media support, and I know that this is a devastating blow to our cause. But we must soldier on. Somehow, we must find the strength within ourselves to deal with this horrific loss. And we will. Sometimes, life deals us a bad Tarot hand.

Incidentally, Miss Cleo reveals in the article that she is a "Haitian high priestess" and practices voodoo. Hopefully she doesn't have a little doll with a cowboy hat.

The Lion...In WINTER?

"I did hear that there is a good chance Imus won't actually be on the air until January, even though a deal should be done sooner than that."

The Calm Before the Storm

OK, guys. So the comeback story is finally hitting the rest of the media. As I type this, Neil Best's article is the front page, top headline, red print, on Drudge Report. (Congrats to Neil!)

This, right now, is the calm before the storm. Depending on when Citadel officially announces its new contract, there is going to be a huge, huge, media blitz.

There's one problem with this. First off, we're going to see a lot of Mr. Brawley and Mr. Hymietown. Then we're going to have to read their online counterparts. I'm hoping that I won't get a lot of comments like "DNO IMUS IZ TEH RASIST!!!!!111!!!," but it may happen.

Even worse, we're going to have to hear all these pundits compare Don Imus' actions to the Holocaust, how he singlehandedly erased all of Susan B. Anthony's work, how every time he sneezes a black person gets shot, etc. (Seriously, hearing accusations like those was like hearing a twisted version of the "Chuck Norris Facts.")

But consider all this an act of contrition - it's something we're inevitably going to have to endure before we get the gang back. It's either this, or it's having him come back to the airwaves with no media attention at all. And who wants that?

So get your patience, your smile, your gumption, your debating skills, and your snarky sense of humor in gear. Those tools are what will keep you sane during the oncoming wave of ignorance. Just remember that at least there will be a party afterwards.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


OK, I am so excited that I'm just going to post verbatim from Neil Best's 'Watchdog' blog:

Imus Fans: Your Wait Is Almost Over!

Citadel Broadcasting is close to finalizing a contract with Don Imus that would bring the controversial radio host back to the airwaves, a person familiar with the discussions said Tuesday.

It was not immediately clear on what station or stations Imus would be heard, but Citadel owns WABC in New York, making its morning slot a logical destination.

Currently that spot is occupied by Ron Kuby and Curtis Sliwa.

Citadel and its CEO, Farid Suleman, have been rumored to be interested in Imus for months, and WABC long has been considered a logical platform for him to launch a comeback.

He would bring along his long-time newsman, Charles McCord, who last appeared on WFAN Aug. 31. Less clear is what role, if any, a more controversial member of Imus' old crew, Bernard McGuirk, would play. One possibility is a non-speaking role as a producer/writer.

Imus was fired by CBS Radio and removed from WFAN April 12, eight days after making comments directed at the Rutgers women's basketball team that many regarded as sexist and/or racist. His show also had been simulcast on MSNBC.

And if that isn't awesome enough...

There is a "highly placed rumor" on a different site that Bernie is LIKELY (as in probably, but not 100% verified) coming back! (Thanks to Al for the tip.) And you know something? I'm completely fine with McGuirk initially assuming a "non-speaking role." I'm overjoyed with the idea of him getting his job back and the team being together again.

We're almost there! We're almost there!