Wednesday, September 12, 2007


No, the breaking news is not that the Rutgers player dropped her frivolous lawsuit. (Nor is it that Bernard's lawyer for the entire mess was Joe Tacopina, a frequent I-guest who also talks some common sense about this issue, one of the few to do so. In the article, he repeats what most people with a brain have been saying all along. Awesome.)

No, the real breaking news here is that Charles McCord and Rob Bartlett's biographies have FINALLY been removed from the WFAN Bio Page. It's the subtle-yet-official announcement signaling that they no longer work there, stating that they are free to join Imus.

Lou Rufino's bio, however, is still there...


Al said...

Means Bartlett will be around to read McCord's wickedly funny material on the all new Chuck and Don Show(Imus in the morning)?!

...and being that Tacopena is Bernard's lawyer, maybe we can also look forward to at least occasional appearances by Bernard on Imus' new show?!

Too bad about Lou, though....looks like he got left at the train station.

djtrimus said...

maybe louie is staying put until the new show is in place.. Chuck has probably saved a little more money.. and Rob has lots of night jobs..

i still holding out for Rufino to come along at the right time.

CollegeGirl said...

I just wish Lou the best. Naturally, I want him to come along to the new Imus show, and have it be the way it's always been. But whatever works best for him.

I'm going to miss his hysterical comments, though...and his ability to pick the perfect song for bumper music. Not gonna lie, I got introduced to a LOT of new music thanks to Lou. (Particularly the Band, who I now love and am listening to as I type this.)

And same with Bernard. We've heard all these rumors about where he'll be, and I want him to come back as well. The show would be dramatically different without his voice.

But yeah, hopefully this means we'll be getting Rob Bartlett.

imusfan said...

Great job on your blog - I'm listening to the 1979 show now, I can't believe you found that!

They mention Johnny Dark (another WNBC DJ) - I remember him from the NJ bar that my co-workers and I would frequent after work. He used to go on about what a derelict Imus was (still Imus' drinking days).

I also remember people trying to get those Bee Gees tickets.

Thanks so much for all the cool links - let's hope we have new programs soon!

The I-Fan said...

I think this means that it's only a matter of time.

CollegeGirl said...

I agree - this IS only a matter of time. Things are finally falling into place for a return...

...and Imusfan, that's a great story about Johnny Dark! Do you have any other sightings/stories of folks from the WNBC era?

(And I'm glad you're enjoying the 1979 IS pretty awesome...:-)