Friday, September 28, 2007

Imus Comeback - Still Happening

OK, sorry for the lack of updates. Life got in the way.

But, unless you haven't heard, Kinky Friedman appeared on "Morning Joe" Thursday morning and pretty much said that Imus was coming back "sooner" rather than later. Hopefully Mr. Friedman was not referring to the Oklahoma football team.

There are a couple of things seriously wrong with that article. First off, his name is spelled "Kinki." People, Kinky Friedman is not a woman. Secondly, Mr. Friedman apparently made those remarks to "Joe Scarbourgh" on "Thurdsday." And the article is under seventy-five words. Sad.

The Imus career announcement will have to be made in an appropriate media venue. That said, I will admit it would have been the hottest thing ever if the Big Imus Announcement was made on fucking Morning Joe, by Kinky Friedman. Oh snap!

Anyway, I promise that I'll stop slacking and that a nice article will come your way. If I could only get some sleep first...


Al said...

The Kinkster sure gave Morning Joe and the 5 people who actually watch Morning Joe, a boatload of info about

The Imus mystery continuuuuuuues...

'comeback'...'sooner, rather than later'...'classified' more words for the Imus mystery decoders to decode!

The Imus mystery is a fun game!

imusfan said...

I hope that it will be SOONER. In the meantime I continue to cheer myself up by watching MSNBC morning ratings.

This was posted on "Imus Truth" and really cracked me up - speaking of revenge fanatasies:

Let's have some fun here. Post the first email tou will send to the I-man when he returns.

HERE'S A START: "I-Man, having Al Sharpton on your show this morning was a stroke of genius...the way you left his mic off so Bernie could provide his dialogue was the funniest thing I've seen!"

Posted by: Rich | Friday, September 28, 2007 at 12:34 PM

CollegeGirl said...

Al, I just hope that Kinky has a good interpretation of the word "sooner."

Imusfan, that is a hilarious idea. Wow, in terms of my own email, I can't even begin to start on what I'd REALLY like to see...;-)