Friday, August 24, 2007

About Me

So I'm a little late to this Imus movement, am I not? Seems like most folks got these blogs started around mid-April or so. No matter. I intend to do this blog until at least Imus' first day back on the air. (Which could be...within a few months? Wow.)

Anywho, this blog will serve several purposes. Sometimes it will support Don Imus and his show, formerly the best show on television and radio. Sometimes it will showcase some interesting Imus articles from the past that illustrate the show and its history. (You wouldn't BELIEVE the stuff that I've been able to find about the show, thanks to my college's Lexis-Nexis and Newsbank archives. They're the equivalent of geeky old yearbook photos.) Sometimes this blog will discuss the proper role of satire and humor - a topic that I deeply care about. Sometimes, Heaven will be fangirly.

And who am I? All you need to know about me is that I'm a female college senior, a girl who likes her satire sharp and her news topical. And that I want my favorite show back.
You should also know that I'm a nerd, so forgive me if I drop some obscure references, MST3K-style.

Anyway, I certainly hope to please you, my audience. ("Audience" defined as "five Imus fans who stumble upon this site, plus three of my college friends.") But take heed, dear reader: if I get any haters telling me that Don Imus likes to eat African-American babies under the light of a burning A.M.E. church, I have one phrase for you: Get off my phone.


saad-o said...

Hey Collegegirl,

I'm another Imus fan who stumbled onto your site (well put--but there will be more than 5 of us). Imus, sharp satire...and you're a MSTie, too? And a girl? I'll be coming back for sure.

CollegeGirl said...


Glad to see you here. Keep coming back. :-)

(BTW, there WAS an MST3K episode from like 1998 where they mentioned Imus. It was the "Werewolf" episode - one of the best. If I ever figure out how to post stuff from the Youtubes, I may put it on here.)

Anonymous said...

You go, girl !


(Am I no. 6?)

CollegeGirl said...

Thanks, Blank!! :-)